Hi gamblers. I joined this sub as i have an active business in the casino industry.My aim was to understand more about gamblers and i began actually trying to help. Just as i thought, gamblers cant be helped and they really know better than you. Gamblers are shit people, all of them. Its a shameful selfish act that turns them into worthless beings. I actually had sympathy but these people would scam you for 5$ and take their grandmas money to feed their addiction.Gamblers are obsessed with quick hits and thrills and know nothing about hard work and dedication.I plan to not post my useful thoughts from now on and watch the misery of the players whilst profiting from the industry because thats all the dirty people involved in it are good for.I know this seems terrible of me but thats exactly how the gamblers tried to belittle me. I wish them misery, debt and continued gambling. I had one guy argue with me over how he can beat the casino. He was trying to convince me. Gambling literally turns people into mugs with warped logic that actually defend their addiction.I’m probably going to start agreeing with these gamblers because they never see any sense anyway!!! I will tell them how hard it is to quit to make them scared to keep them playing.

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