Hey guys, young Issy here, hope you guys are doing well!Been a long time since I last gambled. Which is never (hence day 3586, heh-heh)! So grateful that god blessed me with genes of which none makes me even want to go near a slot machine. That’s right, I’ve never had a problem with gambling. Reading the stories posted here is really, reaaaally depressing though. Like, this is almost an alien world to me, people loaded with debt and taking even more so they can chase after that golden ticket which magically solves all their problems, and that they will never get…WHY? Why do you hand over your paycheck so easily knowing that you are going to be ripped off again (like always, duh), knowing that the probabilities are rigged against you, knowing that the house is going win anyway at the end of your shitty day? Is it the shots of dopamine rush caused by those fleeting rewards (‘wins’, huh) that you are slave to? Or is it desperation, after realizing that you are knee deep in shit and it has all come down to a do-or-die? ENLIGHTEN ME, yo! Do me a favor though, don’t hold back, let it all out, tell me the howwhenwhatwho that has led to the pitiful, miserable you.Oh, and be safe and have a GREAT Superbowl Sunday. Stay away from the floooooooooooor$!

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คาสิโน โบนัส100%
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